22.01.2018 Nanosoft Announces nanoCAD Plus 8.5

nanoCAD Plus 8.5 latest updates include: intensification of work with point clouds, DWG and IFC files, raster data and PDF underlays; import of vector and raster data into DWG format from PDF underlays; materials and lighting support.

19.12.2017 New product release: nanoCAD 3DScan - the scanning software that changes everything

The company "Nanosoft" announces the release of a new software product, based on the platform nanoCAD. The nanoCAD 3DScan is designed for processing and analyzing laser scanning data.

13.06.2017 Be a nanoCAD 3DScan beta-tester

13 June 2017. Nanosoft, nanoCAD software vendor, is inviting to the Beta-tester program for nanoCAD 3DScan.

04.04.2017 The 5th Anniversary of

3rd of April, 2017. Nanosoft celebrates the 5th anniversary of and offers 50% discount to all of its products.

27.12.2016 Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Pro 8

December 27, 2016. Nanosoft announces nanoCAD Pro 8.0, a new version of its DWG-compatible CAD application software with 3D solid modelling and parametric constraints. nanoCAD Pro 8 is available through a low-cost annual subscription.

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