Customizing the User Interface When Installing Apps for nanoCAD Plus 8.5


For many users, installing an application means just adding a new desktop shortcut or a new toolbar button. This article will describe the way to add menus and toolbars for user applications installed on nanoCAD Plus 8.5, and analyze the procedure for creating a shortcut to launch a user application in the nanoCAD environment.

For those who are more interested in trying rather than in reading a description, I will immediately provide a link to the nanoCAD SDK Samples add-in. After installing this application, each start of nanoCAD Plus 8.5 will automatically load samples created in LISP, C++, С#, VB.NET, JScript, and VBScript, and the user interface will be added with a drop-down menu and a toolbar (as in the main screenshot), allowing you to run sample commands.

As a first step, let us present a ready-made application for installing samples supplied with nanoCAD Pro en 8.5: NCadSDK Samples Application 8.0, and then we will consider how to include the file of menu description and toolbars there.


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