nanoCAD Applications

nanoCAD Applications

nanoCAD is a high performance CAD platform and a perfect basis to build an industry specific applications. The following applications have been built using nanoCAD OEM CAD engine. Each of them was originally developed for AutoCAD and after that was ported to nanoCAD platform.

nanoCAD Construction

language: Russian/English
original name: nanoCAD СПДС
link to applicationnanoCAD СПДС (rus)nanoCAD Construction (en)

nanoCAD Construction is aimed to make the AEC design documentation in an accordance with the construction drafting standards. nanoCAD Construction provides automation of routine operations of drafting through the use of parametric objects and libraries of graphical elements. The program is based on the nanoCAD graphical kernel and contains all the tools for creating two-dimensional drawings. Output documents saved as *.dwg.

nanoCAD ConstructionSite

language: Russian/English
original name: nanoCAD Стройплощадка
link to applicationnanoCAD Стройплощадка (rus)nanoCAD ConstructionSite (en)

nanoCAD ConstructionSite is a specialized application that allows engineer easily develop a construction site plan and simplifies the planning and organisation of the construction process. nanoCAD ConstructionSite is good at coping with both graphical and calculations tasks. Built using nanoCAD graphical kernel, nanoCAD ConstructionSite is a feature rich application that natively supports *.dwg.

nanoCAD Electro

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD Электро
link to applicationnanoCAD Electro

nanoCAD Electro is a parametric CAD application for electrical designers and drafters. It facilitates the design of complex electrical and light projects for building systems. nanoCAD Electro library contains several thousand symbols based on the latest electrical standards, as well as light fixtures, switchgears, and more. The application provides an easy means of drawing wiring and wiring ducts along with all necessary calculations.

nanoCAD FireAlarm

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD ОПС
link to applicationnanoCAD FireAlarm

nanoCAD FireAlarm is an application for automated design of fire alarm and access control systems (ACS) of various types of buildings. nanoCAD FireAlarm provides a convenient, user-oriented interface equipped with precisely selected and customized tool set. Expandable elements library filled with the wide selection of components. Application makes required calculations and creates project documentation set including drawings, BOM and other documents.

nanoCAD Foundation

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD Фундаменты
link to applicationnanoCAD Foundation

nanoCAD Foundation is an application for computer-aided design of pile and strip foundations of buildings. It provides necessary tools for pile layout drawing preparation, force and deformation analysis, strength analysis for pile and strip foundations. It has all common drafting tools to create final drawings in the *.dwg format.

nanoCAD Geonica

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD Геоника
link to applicationnanoCAD Geonica

nanoCAD Geonica is a specialized land surveying, design and engineering application developed to optimize and improve efficiency of design and exploratory work. It creates topographic maps, builds 3D terrain model and provides analysis tools. nanoAD Geonica facilitates general layout design of industrial facilities and buildings, and designs engineering networks using 3D terrain model.
Built using nanoCAD platform nanoCAD Geonica is an effective tool of the exploration specialist well tailored to the industry specific needs and wants.

nanoCAD Mechanica

language: Russian, English
original name: nanoCAD Механика
link to applicationnanoCAD Mechanica (rus)nanoCAD Mechanica (en)

nanoCAD Mechanica is a 2D drafting and design application with a large library of standard parts and tools designed to help automate mechanical drawings creation. nanoCAD Mechanica is based on a parametric design engine. Product offers automation of routine work while strictly adhering to corporate and market standards. It provides tools for Pneumatics and hydraulics piping design, Gearing design, Shaft design etc.

nanoCAD PowerLine

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD ЛЭП
link to applicationnanoCAD PowerLine

nanoCAD PowerLine application is dedicated to a design of power lines, including high-tension power lines (0,4 - 750 kV) and fiber optics on power lines. It provides all necessary tools to make design of power and fiber optic lines with all necessary calculations. Result is a set of drawings and supported documentation.

nanoCAD Schema

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD Схемы
link to applicationnanoCAD Schema

nanoCAD Schema has been developed to automate the design of schemes in the industrial and civil engineering projects such as electrical and process design.  nanoCAD Schema also can be used in any other projects where schematics should be created.


language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD СКС
link to applicationnanoCAD SCS

nanoCAD SCS application is a CAD solution for Structured Cable Systems design. It provides all necessary tools to design building telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements. It supports Vertical and Horizontal wiring, Works Area Components etc.

nanoCAD VK

language: Russian
original name: nanoCAD ВК
link to applicationnanoCAD VK

nanoCAD VK is a CAD application for design of any kind of plumbing for buildings: cold and hot water supply, sanitary and а fire extinguishing system. Application combines all necessary calculations with 3D graphics. It creates set of engineering drawings, documents and reports. Project data is stored in the *.dwg file.
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