5+1 Reasons to Choose nanoCAD

Free to use for commercial, educational and individual purposes

Innovate, design and collaborate at no cost. Whatever field your company is operating at, if it involves design and engineering, nanoCAD is everything you need. So join us and thousands of our successful customers right now and begin to increase the cost efficiency of your enterprise today.

5+1 reasons why to choose nanoCAD:


Free of charge

Yes it is free! nanoCAD has identical features of some of the most popular CAD solutions and it will cost you nothing. While your competitors are trying to decide what CAD to invest in, you bring your ideas to life for free. Download nanoCAD now!


Fully functional .dwg-based CAD

Use your favorite 2D drafting tools, modeling and editing functions and gain better results with unique nanoCAD tools


Open API for CAD development

nanoCAD offers an AutoCAD-compatible programming platform. Develop your own CAD applications, or run already created add-ins from other members of our developers’ club.

Productivity on the fly

With an intuitive interface and familiar commands you can create your projects right now. Transition pass from AutoCAD is smooth. Training is not required; you will feel right at home


CAD for easy collaboration

Direct support for .dwg file format makes nanoCAD ideal for project collaboration between your partners and teams around the world. Support of different versions of .dwg format ensures compliance of your older data.

Really big plus with nanoCAD Plus

If CAD is an important part of what you do, nanoCAD Plus is the right choice. Whether you need hundreds of CAD seats for your organization, or just one for your home office, nanoCAD Plus offers an unbeatable combination of cost, capacity, capability, and quality.
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